Weekly Update 31/07/2023

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Backend team by Floffy and Austin
  • We continued our effort on the new Clans system. The goal is to give the possibility for users to join a clan or create their own clan. To interact with their clan, users will use a building in their village named the Clan Hall. This building allows them to manage their clan (name, tag, language, public visibility etc…), or list the available clans to either join it if it’s a public clan, or send a join request if it’s a private clan. Then the clan admin can accept/deny the join requests. The available clans list is currently being built, by adding a lot of useful infos to help the users choose their clan.
To enable this in the backend, we’ve had to rethink totally the way clans are integrated (for example, in the base clan system we had, the users were being added manually by the admin, instead of requesting to join it). This will enable the development of a new feature soon: the Raid attacks.
  • We developed on a “items in use” list, to display the current items and their effect being applied to a village.
  • We added new unix dates to the terrains summaries to help adding more visibility on the frontend.
  • We had a major issue with the battles manager micro-service, which is solved now. It was partially bugging due to hidden dependency errors.
  • We’re working on a new terrain feature: attacking a terrain that is already being looted by another village
Frontend by Samy
  • Added placeholders for AI Camps and Resource terrains, made quickly in Blender. On the level design side I Disabled dynamic shadows Finally I did some code and assets cleanup, there are still some old stuff linked to some old code and assets that have been replaced.
  • On the game design side, I added conditions to be able to create clans through the Clan Hall buildings. The higher the Clan Hall building is, the more apes can join your clan.
  • On the DevOps side, I prepared a Mac Studio, and a virtual machine on our server, to use them for continuous integration and automate the build process. Unfortunately we cannot release a game on iOS without using a Mac computer, thus the need to do that process on two seperate machines. Still need a bit of tweaking to get the packaging process working flawlessly on Android on the Linux machine as there’s a bit more configurations involved than on Windows.
  • I’ve also done some bugtracking and set up a list of things to be done to improve UX before we release our biggest update
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