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Weekly Update 02/09/2022

Enjoy Monkey Empire devblog and keep in touch with the ape game development
Game Design by Paul
Map Screen HUD for attacking a village with active Peace Shield has been updated. There will now be a mini pop-up showing a message and timer when clicked. This gives players feedback when trying to attack a protected village.
Added Truce Period for early game players. This is automatically placing a 30-minute Peace Shield for a new player when attacked. This prevents any player from being repeatedly raided. Attacking another player will disable the Peace Shield and Truce Period. Duration TBA.
Updated Quests, Added Daily Quests and Daily Quest Completion Rewards. These quests vary from harvesting resources to doing basic game activities. Also started the Quest Screen HUD Wireframing.
Backend by Floffy and Igor
- Finished the resource theft after an attack in order to launch new leaderboard sessions — working on a building upgrade issue fix
- The simple resource transfer between villages was completed recently; we’re adding a possibility to transfer units between your own villages now and will also add the travel time to make it realistic
- Guild addition in the game is still in progress; we added all the data schemas and the base routes necessary, now we need to link everything
Backend By Simon
Deposit: each ape is now able to deposit money to his in-game wallet (backend side), allowing every ape to be autonomous in their deposits from DEX, CEX, and other wallets! Help yourself and get rich!
Withdrawal: not yet terminated, this feature will allow apes to transfer MKC from the game to their Louis Vuitton wallet!
Big attacks and robberies: every big attack will be displayed on twitter, be aware apes!! Do not forget to defend your village or twitter will know about you.
Leaderboard: every change in the leaderboard will appear on twitter. Never rest, always attack apes!!
Fronted by Skatoony
This week I edited Mobile UI, scaling it up and making it more usable for Mobile. I also started adding functionabilty for the new Messages feature from the new UI, showing battle raport and more.
Fronted by Beumonkey
Past week and this week: setting up MonkeyEmpire on Linux took a bit more time. Not only is Unreal Engine 5 new but Rider, the IDE (It’s where you write code) I use, is also new. This means there are a few problems but it will make my job now everything is working.
The process to get the game on the AppStore is quite tedious. There are a lot of requirements to fullfill and it’s not clear what we need to do. In the meantime, we will try to get the app on Apple TestFlight: up to 10.000 users can get a link to play MonkeyEmpire beta.
I replaced the village map with a temporary one. It is empty, not beautiful, but at least the game will run on as many devices as possible. Later on, we will do something better and do optimization, a process that happens in the latest stage of game development. In the meantime, everyone should be able to play the game.
3D by Kermit
Reworked chimp texture, and fur
Finished 3D model of the walls
High poly version of the Orangutan Charger in progress
Finished 3D model of the stonesmasher Armor
Gorilla fur in progress
Sound design by Augustin
I had the chance to work on the different sounds of the game this week. The first FX of the game are ready, they can be integrated by the frontend this weekend. I used a mix of sounds that I recorded myself in the studio with a Neumman TLM 103. I’m still using my Avalon 737 SP as a preamp, this machine has no flaw (except its price…) I used royalty free sound banks that I mixed with instruments (mostly from the Kontakt plugins). For the moment, we will use the same music and the same ambience for the world map and the village. I didn’t do much mixing, just some level adjustments and some compression. I’d like to play the game to get some perspective on what works and what needs to be changed.
The whole Monkey Empire team wishes you a nice day!
See you next week for the new devblog episode and don’t forget to ape!
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