Weekly Update 24/07/2023

Enjoy Monkey Empire devblog and keep in touch with the ape game development
Backend by Floffy
  • We completed a big rework on the items system. Now items usage is tracked and used on various features (resource collections, orders, attacks etc…) with a limitation on timing. We’re working on adding a “consumption in progress” route to show the users what items are in use currently in their village and when their effect will finish.
  • A new “inventory” has been developed, to avoid showing all the item entries individually, and group them by type and a count.
  • We’re working on polishing the Clans system, to add a whole new dimension to the game. This will allow users to create a new building, the “Clan Hall” once they reach a main hall level 3. This building will allow them to access the clan functionality, join a clan and, when evolving, create their own clan and growing the max number of members
  • We’ve also finished the AI Outposts ! This allows users to win item packs when attacking (and winning) these specific terrains
Frontend By Samy
  • This week we have two new team members joining the Ape family. Austin on the backend, who has experience with Typescript and backend technologies, and Emeric, who previously worked on Kalao Metaverse. Emeric can do a wide range of stuff, from Blueprint programming to profiling/optimisation on mobile platform.
  • My main area of focus for now is on the Game Design and DevOps.
  • On the DevOps side, next step is to setup build servers and continuous integration to save us time by speeding up bug detections and updates release. This process will also help us release the game on more platforms in the future, like PC, Mac and Linux.
Frontend By Emeric
Base Troup System:
  • When launch an attack, spawn a bp troup on the woldmap, troup will find path to enemy village
  • Now when we start the game, will retrieve attack summary, if an attack is not finish will spawn the bp troup on the worldmap
  • Add pathfinding on the worldmap + navigation block (to improve)
  • Enemy troup system (when someone attacking you) not tested yet but should work -if there is an update in attack summary, will refresh troup to spawn new troup bp
Debug UI:
  • Debug close button on worldmap message widget
  • Debug password reveal, wich is under textblock
  • Fix widget on village building info, tablet and some resolution had problem (need to talk about)
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