Weekly Update 29/05/2023

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Game design by Samy
I’ve designed the layout of the future world map, which will soon be integrated into the game.
Backend by Floffy & Jordan
  • Finished the migration of our backend stack from NestJS v7 to NestJS v9
  • Finished migrating from to normal Websockets protocol + configuration to make it accessible through our infra
  • Instant finish support on researches
  • Working on the Hospital building
Frontend by Samy & Lings
  • Right now Worldmap is generated on the fly as game is running, preventing us to use it with level design tool that cannot be used while game is running. Setup a local Worldmap so artist can work on it with all tools we need.
  • Apple support gave an answer : Apple auto reporting system is having an issue and a kind Senior Advisor told me that the build cannot be accepted as I had to disable bitcode. Is life that easy ? Not really, Unreal Engine 5.1.1 have an issue preventing it to disable bitcode even when it shows it’s disabled, and here come the next point :
  • Issue has been resolved in latest Unreal Engine 5.2, so I updated plugins and project and it is now working
  • OpenLand, which I use to get a level optimized for mobile kind of out of the box is broken with latest update. This has not been updated for 8 months. So I am redoing both village and world Level from scratch. Optimization will come over time.
  • You should not be able to build a village on a cropland when you are on the worldmap even thought you could try by opening the village creation menu on them. This is no longer possible.
Because of Engine Update we can expect a few bugs that will be solved over the next days. Game is playable on Android via PlayStore Private test group. On Apple side I could finally send the build and it has been accepted and reviewed.
Other than that, there are still cool features that needs to be implemented, that would require testing and balancing afterwards. So I have also been looking on helping the backend team by recruiting new developers. If you are interested to join us while familiar with Typescript, Redis, Postgres, Nestjs… Don’t wait to join the ape family and fill in our recruitment form on our Website :​
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