Weekly Update 09/01/2023

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Game Design - Updated Empire Pass design (Added Event Start Popup, Info Popup, Empire Pass Main Screen Icon) - Updated Empire Pass sheets (Updated Ranking, Rewards, Empire Tokens) - Created multiple tickets (backend, and frontend) related to Empire Pass (Battle Pass), In-game shop screen, Game Settings - Created front-end ticket for Resource harvest Effects (with visual reference) - Updated UI Google Slides — added new UI Wireframes
Backend — We did a lot of bug fixing and testing — We finished the Walls feature — We started working on the Research center, which is a big facility that will allow villages to generate new items in the game — We started working again on the item/inventory system
Frontend - For this week I fixed a bug that messed around the resources showed to players. - Fixed a bug with attack screen that sometimes didn’t let the players select their troops. - Edit and size few aspects of the UI for better use. - Added scroll function to messages screen. - Started working on a new smother movement for grid world and village.
3D Finished 3D model of the vault
The whole Monkey Empire team wishes you a nice day!
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